mathematics is useful but closed.

+TheOneWith TheEyeOfTruth sigh They’re objectively true within the Universe of mathematical expression.

Mathematics works on a closed world assumption.

If something was absolute truth then it would simply be true and nobody would even be arguing it.  It would simply ‘be’.

But if some believe and some don’t, then it’s part of a belief system.

Think of Sets.  That’s pretty mathematical.  If there is a set of “Not believing”, then there is another set (likely) that is “believing”.

About as mathematical as it gets.

The World of mathematics describes our Universe quite well, insomuch as it is describing those things that can be described mathematically.

Can you see?  It’s closed.  Self-contained.  It can describe everything that it can describe, but it can’t describe what it can’t describe.

Objectivity is subjectivity among groups.  Even within the human mind itself, BELIEF comes before REASON.  It must.  People with malfunctioning brains who have minimal abilities to believe (that is, to say if something is “True or False”) are known to endlessly debate within themselves – very logically and rationally – even the TINIEST choices that would come easy to most of us.  They are living Economists, really.

And why is it so hard?

Because they don’t have that emotional PUSH to bring them into a conclusion.

Emotions are required.  Objectivity is about as relativistic as it comes.

It doesn’t take away from the beauty and truth within mathematics; but when I see books coming out saying THE UNIVERSE IS MATHEMATICS… I know there is some delusioned thinking going on among large groups of people.

It’s mistaking the TOOL for the thing you’re building.  Mistaking the PAINTBRUSH for the PAINTING.

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