mathematics is a useful language to describe and create but it isnt separate from the reality its within.

Well here’s how I view it; similar just flip-flopped a little:

Humans created the language of mathematics to help describe reality.

It does so with great precision and is quite accurate.

It may be possible to model the entire Universe, including our very thinking processes with mathematics and even create machines that simulate human thought and creativity.


Mathematics is still a language.  Used by humans.  For humans.  I believe it does its job very well and its principles would likely work with or without us.

But, I don’t believe it exists independently of us.

Another system that is not mathematics could work equally well.

Example: A story made of words that also happens to be very accurate at describing the Universe in perfect details.

In short, I see mathematics as a useful, accurate language but while it can describe and even create, it’s still a part of the Universe it is describing and can never be entirely complete because it can’t include itself.

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