mathematical spaces? These would be the WILDERNESS-es in my principle

mathematical spaces? These would be the WILDERNESS-es in my principles. Mathematical structures too. Backgrounds are a kind of wilderness most of the time unless there’s a need to go from one space/structure to another space/structure then it’s better as a domain.
Affine space
Algebraic space
Baire space
Banach space
Base space
Bergman space
Berkovich space
Besov space
Borel space
Calabi-Yau space
Cantor space
Cauchy space
Cellular space
Chu space
Closure space
Conformal space
Complex analytic space
Drinfeld’s symmetric space
Eilenberg–Mac Lane space
Euclidean space
Fiber space
Finsler space
First-countable space
Fréchet space
Function space
Green space (topological space)
Hardy space
Hausdorff space
Heisenberg space
Hilbert space
Homogeneous space
Inner product space
Kolmogorov space
Lens space
Liouville space
Locally finite space
Loop space
Lorentz space
Mapping space
Measure space
Metric space
Minkowski space
Müntz space
Normed space
Paracompact space
Perfectoid space
Planar space
Polish space
Probability space
Projective space
Proximity space
Quadratic space
Quotient space (disambiguation)
Riemann’s Moduli space
Sample space
Sequence space
Sierpiński space
Sobolev space
Standard space
State space
Stone space
Symplectic space (disambiguation)
Teichmüller space
Tensor space
Topological space
Topological vector space
Total space
Uniform space
Vector space

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