math AI, social sciences ATHEISM RAISING TEENAGERS, Physics PHYSICS, Agriculture COOKING, Technology video gaming music and party video games

math AI, social sciences ATHEISM RAISING TEENAGERS, Physics PHYSICS, Agriculture COOKING, Technology video gaming music and party video games
MATH: AI:  Politics 33%, Future 30%, Philosophy 28%, Sexuality 4%

SOCIAL SCIENCES: ATHEISM : RAISING TEENAGERS:  Politics 55%, Transgendered 44%

PHYSICS: Future 66%, Philosophy 26%, Paranormal 7%

Agriculture: COOKING: Lifestyle_Choices 100%

Technology  : video gaming music party video games : Folklore 32%, Relationships 23%, Holidays 16%, Paranormal 11%, Subcultures 9%, Crime 4%, Transgendered 2%, Law 1%, Ethnicity 1%, Politics

100% math AI
6.     system systems logic knowledge work computer human programming language basic math set mathematics working data level based computers ideas understanding model general technology results ai limited project information engineering languages built fact problems thinking basis process short tool written field theory terms future machine present complete current including similar design processes area solution social common manager code approach natural task goal practical areas create skills impossible models business designed related base today operator works engineer product lead study reason education processing creative mathematical precision methods control successful resources applied accurate idea experiment allowing interest environment sources levels power external artificial
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15.     http write www list output message sys phone information check rights file ken mail link simplify send page copy excel type command net news free russian windows internet access read web posted timeline service files open comments pages time writing org back long work goto comment users network text reading site called public click make college online messages line program html version profile user case virtual print email return subject bbs contact run kudut edit childrens hampshire reply press format enter udut show save running youth mailing university archive talk website start itll info add lists home server versions kenneth
100% social sciences ATHEISM RAISING TEENAGERS
2.     id vine kennethudut music awesome song youtube watch movie face funny love follow playing piano lol video hear creepy followers fun songs shoutout yay manrules laugh theme pokemon tired movies seconds original doctorwho faces wtf heard beat wow mirror voice beard stopmotion followhim humor loud dubstep christmas sounds musical played commercial dramatic singing pun classic odd sing remix tardis parody idk rap band voices views notes fart cartoon fail shout beats mlp scream plays grand listen fnaf lyrics sexy rainbow mw pixels rhythm mirrors tune lego super beatbox mp instruments poem jokes japanese commercials damn buddy animation spooky mu laughing
3.     dont things words love doesnt theyre thing true make makes find sense change word understand story matter hate whats stop ways works means difference completely unique english times nice hard happen process kind hand strange pick interesting deep stories expect accept arent enjoy trust point start happened ideas choose knowing act powerful circles follow finding impossible heres fall absolutely throw deeper theyll sit communicate fine actions purpose illusion perfectly action open confused continue trick poetry choices cars bits linked larger understanding effect communication mistake chair making absurd waste slightly parts carry fact possibilities bigger compare staying phrase contrary smaller infp
5.     im stuff emoticon ive yeah ill smile lot tongue game play youre fun nice thing dont wait end ppl kinda dunno bored fan glad gotta style guess women talking lots waiting havent good hey pretty fine expect weird playing ugh challenge games win working give wont mine bunch big annoying creative honestly crap ready interesting conversation mess proud sigh rarely til dumb case dead anymore project someday close script catch true hang scripts theyd gave huge dad hm heres itd annoyed roleplaying expected figuring privacy uh ahead listening stick tn enjoying busy stop patience excited keeping grin putting gaming camp
8.     https twitter infonobodyneeds pm january july february november september august october march december nj md bbs st june quarter meme sysop software april man pic cute mr timetravel chris illuminati george od aaron bird roselle pics dude bob alex mike john trippy birds duck cop killer michael bar baby mindblown batman stephen animated master blue robert starwars ditty monkey yo whatif opticalillusion ii spotted whybecause karn ma waitwhat bro joe toy elizabeth alexander daniel contest storm shop cranford richard tony matt posters paul hub moms micro specialfx wildcat gif friday underground hunter westfield steve alan nest il dank buckendorf adam
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17.     youre school feel good wrong learn answer feeling question mind thinking teacher learning normal control answers middle ive education important teach writing special learned teachers test questions find head hear strong heart fear asked emotions supposed common fix teaching people give problems youve thoughts emotional work helps hands positive figure math whats wouldnt dont high class takes taught reading core creativity practice response helping isnt realize helped peoples mad feels happiness feelings knowing personality put listen ears elses students mental works training interested ways hard situation share doubt arms fail success read ear slow aware face stress ignore kind sharing
18.     time years didnt back long ago remember thought future year thing past wasnt made day knew wanted started days idea found eyes bit couldnt yrs months learned looked lost dreams watching dream kid stuck full realized couple inspired moment coming figured mother early suddenly happened decided nerd stuff strange hours wow grade stopped til ball spent forgot left teenager trouble lots watch baby travel finish forward glasses moments guess died hit hell totally thousands lived grew shot girl ran passed mine birthday showed wrote talked present adult morning mid wake leaving ending awful finished tech brought enjoy hurt trick hadnt
19.     science history religion point truth view im part wrong culture fiction modern true world physics belief scientific reason sciences wikipedia opinion fact century en bias correct isnt theoretical psychology strong speaking considered evidence pure perspective org doesnt scientists context ideas historical beliefs suppose popular argument fine faith religions agree study agreement theories article media things generally ancient wiki debate theyre humanity perspectives religious bad research today fictional found valid western theory lot cultural pragmatic practical facts mathematics quote necessarily opinions category convince fall communities nature public studies statistics logical absolute skeptical read areas greater interesting based past stories influence rational
20.     things brain reality thinking humans perfect thought experience mind bpm paper patterns explain thoughts nature similar lines perspective moment numbers concept simply map whats concepts analogy form metaphors human short idea isnt analogies point sense imagine imagination brains part minds thing reason exist complicated metaphor understand meaning fit inside moving measure world draw describe simple easily certainty connections universe tend dimensions notice perfectly physical emotion side forms internal context properly dimension simultaneously points place subjective machines exists backwards based find uncertainty fully object speak emotional words close shape embodied cognition limitations move flat lot circle cognitive ability flaws connection comprehend
100% Physics PHYSICS
10.     time universe space mind life philosophy state light body earth quantum part form planet matter gravity memory human line art sun theory big idea brain energy consciousness literally electrons die center present potential involved eventually long star states perception end conscious physics place photons species lifetime inbetween physical memories born nature awareness sensory clock closer holes babies alien entire exist gas term spacetime discovered gaps gap dark dead working longer elements created forces giant pass due electricity motion distance waves moment related electron mechanics parts cloud humanity animals touch spin stars lives travel bacteria barely reach experiment solid wave alive
100% Agriculture COOKING
4.     water food black white coffee eat make hot body green hair cold red free small lot cut fat sugar president eating skin morning add oil protein tree low makes clean middle cheap high pressure blood made apple safe smell dont light love cheese foods drink cats dry chicken long tiny meat heat super aint milk buy fast weight found regular bit break taste called trump diet soup dogs filled hrs plain nuts chinese rain zinc yogurt cup frozen added apples french half raw lol beer ice stuck rice fresh salad fire put dark salt sweet fish warm cake butter nose
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100% Technology video gaming_music and party video games_29_5_8
1.     id vine xd minecraft photo ppl tt ift weird loop cat album http howto woah cool eye epic joke vines random relatable genius omg yup uploads wanna mobile beautiful dog bugs fake camera dance hah comedy magic toilet million annoying tnx mm boom anime datmomentwhen poop pt tag forgot halloween disney whisper loops haters tho deercam amazing photos remake reverse shower zombie mt bizarre beyourself troll zoom awesomeness crash dare draven mx idc wiggle dancing earworm inspire inspiration op selfie mi idkwhy shoe monster cow hat shots ob legos inception blink drama cute mv tagged de creepypasta sheep roblox ot

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