Marxism. All over the place. The education system the only successful Marxist economy. Too singular of a perspective.

If he wants to teach people what he wants to teach him, let him. After all, our modern education system gets infected by ideologies too.

Marxism. The idea that “religion controlled the masses until reason set them free”.

Marxism. All over the place. The education system the only successful Marxist economy. Too singular of a perspective.


Then again, I suppose I’m a fan of deconstructionalism, so I’ve probably been infected by post modernism and a “culture/subculture” view of history, or maybe something akin to Michal Foucault, just my own spin.

I used to have tendencies towards Scientism but when it got infected with New Atheism rather than its traditional Humanism, I started shying away tongue emoticon


I dunno. I’m not in charge and I was never directly affected by creationism in any place that I’ve lived.

I guess it’s a problem in some places. I hear about it online a lot but it always seems to be in isolated communities or bizarre states in the USA that seem to operate under a strong evangelical bias.

Maybe it’s a huge problem, I dunno. I try to stay away from extermism from wherever it’s from.


Oh, wow. Yeah, I was lucky. I never met my first evangalical until I was 21 years old, and never HEARD about “young earth creationism” even being “a thing” ’til the late 90s. I thought it died out in the 19th century.




 I can’t help but put it in the category of belief in aliens, the multiverse (although that shows up on the science channel now even though it’s science fiction), government conspiracies and such. 

In short, a kook with kooky believers. But kooks need to be paid attention to I suppose, especially if they start playing politics.


It’s bedtime stories. I love the way says it. Brian Cox too.

I’m not against it but I keep theoretical physics where it belongs; nice stories that seem to make sense but no better or worse than most religious origin stories or Doctor Who (which I love to death)

We have to be inspired by somebody, and I guess as religion is gasping its last breaths, society needs SOMETHING to replace it with. New century, new religious beliefs, new Gods to replace the old ones.



Well to me, it’s too political. It’s too war-like. Too binary. It also distorts history terribly. It has boatloads of Islamaphobia in it. Broad paintbrushing “religion” as a singular force that must be destroyed. Painting all Christiandom as if they’re evangalicals, when the evangelicals are not the majority at all.

I’d prefer dealing with each issue as it comes along and I really wish some of the bad 19th century ideas they espouse would stop. Irreconciliable differences between Science and Religion was a 19th century myth. 

I never even HEARD of it ’til the late 1990s. Before that, Science and Relgiion got along. Reasonable religions would fight the quacks right alongside the scientists.



Their distortions about Islam are worse than the stuff coming out of the Bible belt. My mother was married to an Egyptian in the early 80s. She even got to go to Egypt for a month. Islam isn’t much different than Christianity or Judaism or other major religions.

They primarily teach people to be decent humans.

But then there are the nutters. Sometimes the nutty people get political. They hide behind “their religion” and misrepresent it to the world.

It’s annoying.



Even the language is strange.
Deism. Theism. I’m still not used to New Atheist lingo – and I use it myself now.

Growing up, Deism was a ‘thing’ that the founders of the USA were. It led to Secularism which is the primary “religion” of the USA. Separation of Church and State.

Atheist was a guy who didn’t believe in God or thought God was absurd, or wasn’t much for religion.

Theism wasn’t even a word that I heard. All seemed to pop up in the late 1990s as if out of nowhere. Whole thing was strange.

I even watched Stephen Hawking change through the years. Really weird to me. I never expected him to go on the warpath.

I’m agnostic, so that’s my bias, but I never had a problem with religions that were reasonable. I’m a bit of a fanatic about historical accuracy as well as scientific, less impressed by logical arguments because they remind me of bad TV courtroom shows. tongue emoticon


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