Many engineers consider metastability to be a myth because they’re not living in the real world.

Oh this is so true!  This is the next line from the quote:  Basically, they shift the problem so it’s out of their hands.


Their development equipment is so good that that don’t consider how things will OPERATE IN THE REAL WORLD!

haha :P  I love places where idealism and reality converge and the human problems that come with it.

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If the inputs to an arbiter or flip-flop arrive almost simultaneously, the circuit most likely will traverse a point of metastability. Metastability remains poorly understood in some circles, and various engineers have proposed their own circuits said to solve or filter out the metastability; typically these circuits simply shift the occurrence of metastability from one place to another.[8] Chips using multiple clock sources are often tested with tester clocks that have fixed phase relationships, not the independent clocks drifting past each other that will be experienced during operation. This usually explicitly prevents the metastable failure mode that will occur in the field from being seen or reported.


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