Many a young artist/musician/talent has their talent STOPPED. Right there.

Yup. Being recognized has little to do with being an artist… yet it also has everything to do with being an artist. Depends how you look at it.

Emily Dickenson was a poet. It’s amazing at all that we even know her name. Undoubtedly there’s far more great that we’ve never seen nor will we ever hear of that will toil in obscurity.

But that’s business.

What bothers me and gets me to the heart is when people destroy creativity in the young by being excessively critical at crucial points. They BELIEVE they’re being helpful, not realizing telling an artistic mindset, “You’re doing it wrong” or “not trying hard enough”, when in fact they’re doing it *right – for them* – and trying their best *for them*.

Many a young artist/musician/talent has their talent STOPPED. Right there.

Took my nephew a year to start drawing with creativity again after a 3rd grade teacher was critical of his owl. He gave up entirely.

I convinced him gently over the next year now and again, which he wouldn’t do, wouldn’t do, wouldn’t do… and then I stopped. One day, he came out with something – 2nd grade stuff. But I praised and only gave suggestions when demanded [does this make my butt look big? You can say YES only before they buy it. AFter they buy it, no, you can’t. Same idea].

Now he’s progressed and last thing he drew seemed like 6th grade level art. But I think in school still, he just goes through the motions, so they’ll never know what he can do. He does it for himself now.

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