Male grunting heh

I loved and hated this show for the grunting and stereotyping… but … he wasn’t _that_ far off the mark, he really knew how to grunt.


I did construction work only a few times in my life – a couple of times as a teenager (voliunteer work for church stuff), once to help on a project in NJ, and three short projects here in FL. Nothing longer than a few months, but it was enough and yeah, you’re right. Even in school, I knew grunters. Guys learn how to interpret other guys’ grunts early on.


Well, men’s emotional ranges aren’t limited. Men have the same emotions as women do. But what’s different is what we’re socially allowed to express and name.

Men are lucky with clothing though: Matching is simple. The range we’re allowed (at least in America) is very limited and therefore, everything matches with everything else mostly.

One less thing to think about. But honestly, were I allowed, I’d dress much differently than I do.


Hm, haven’t thought about it in a long time.
I’d look ridiculous: Nobody would let me out of the house.

Let’s see:

I’d have a variety of things. As I’m in Florida ,probably a middle eastern man’s style – I forget the name of it, a garbela I think? I dunno. Maybe something like this:…/Latest-Collection-of-Men-Kurta…

Not for looks but for comfort.

For pants, linen/poly blend – just enough poly in it to keep from wrinkling. Baggy because the air can flow through.

Something like that.

If I was up north still in the cold, it’d be light wool capes of various jewel tones, depending on my mood of the day. Wizard look.

Once as a teenager, I got the sewing plans for a cape. I was REALLY gonna make one but after practicing on my mother’s sewing machine, I realized sewing wasn’t for me.


wait – I couldn’t wear what he has on there:no pockets. I’d have lots of pockets. Yeah, I dunno. I never figured out “my style” ’cause there’s no point: can’t leave the house with what I want even if I could.


As a guy you get used to it. I’ve “settled”. Everyday for me is denim shorts and a t-shirt. I express some ‘flair’ with my shoe choice. Current pair are “hacker green” and black. Pair before that were my favorite shade of blue.

Socks never made it down to disappearing level – I went with black athletic ankle socks and they’ve worked for a few years, but I’ll probably switch to longer “soccer” length black because they’re becoming fashionable for guys again over the shorter lengths.

Yeah, I notice these things. Watched shorts go down, socks go down, been watching them come up again. I hope men’s short don’t reach short-shorts levels but that depends on the rise-of-the-sock.


snap buttons! Oh you’re west – that stuff’s allowed there. Man, I’d love to get away with snap buttons. Some guys here get away with western wear with the awesome hats and stuff and the boots but if you do, you’d better have a truck with four wheels going across the back and a bail of hay for your horses.

Besides, people would misjudge me for redneck horse guy and start talking about Trump and horse nutrients. Gotta watch what you wear ’cause people judge you on it.


I’d say my dressing style comes from K-Mart here. Walmart’s quality isn’t up to snuff but K-Mart is fine. Their clothes fit me ok and when I see guys dressing like me, they’re usually Hispanic or working white guys.

Up north, it was usually jeans or dockers and button down shirts. I had a lot of silk shirts. Jewel tones. I liked wearing them and I looked sharp.

My pants would change with the times. In the 1980s, it was skinny jeans – just like the kids wear today.

90s, they got baggier and baggier with the times, then by the 00s, I was in Florida and the jeans had to go bye-bye.



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