making use of our inner sociopath allows humans to do all sorts of things.

A question someone asked and I answered:
“What level of job security should a promising worker have? Is it unethical to hire and fire someone the same day because you change your mind when that individual already gave their two weeks and their old job found a replacement?”

Hm. Were I in charge (I’m not), I’d require the company to continue the employment of the individual from the moment they first said, “You got the job” to the moment they changed their mind about them.

That, to me, is fair.

A sociopath is simply a person who lacks a conscience, not necessarily evil. Everybody has bits of sociopathic tendencies in us; otherwise we’d cry at each blade of grass we step on or each breath of air we take.

Some positions legitimize the use of those tendencies by placing people in a position of authority *over* others, making the ‘others’ “not quite people” but merely a number or a name without a substance.

In short, it’s “just a job”. They can hire and fire fine once they’re ‘trained’.

There are also people who are naturally more sociopathic than others. For some reason I think they end up in Human Resources and as CEOs of big companies. But I’m a little jaded I guess

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