Mainstream Christian groups tend to see the Bible as allegorical.

Ok. I can see your point. I’d qualify it in that for many, the Biblical tale is allegorical within many mainstream Christian groups and not seen as foundational. 

I’d have to find references to verify it, but I believe that even in pre-Christian Judaism, the literal account of Genesis was less prevalent than the allegorical / symbolic account.

I’d even go far enough to say that the literal account is a product of modern Protestantism, likely dated around the 17th century at its start, and reaching a fervor among a select group of people calling themselves Christian, who also have untraditional beliefs such as Rapture and millenialism and such.

Of course I could be mistaken. I didn’t encounter my first bible literalist / fundamentalist until I was about 21 years old. Before that, Bible was always taught as a symbolic text in Sunday school. People who believed it literally were considered somewhat simple. That is from the Methodist Church I was raised in.

I’m agnostic now even when I was a part of it, I never believed the Genesis account to be anything but a way to teach people about the beginnings of humanity, and answer the question, “Why are there bad people in the world?”

Far more interesting than saying, “There’s always been bad people.” or saying, “There is no good or bad – it’s all culturally relative”.

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