magic eraser is ant farts.

Magic Eraser’s good too. Secret thing about magic eraser: some ppl do have a slight allergy to it. It’s made with formalgahyde, also known as melamine foam, also known as formic acid. Basically, ant farts.

It’s the same stuff they use to turn paper into laminate for countertop.

Most people don’t have an allergy to it but some people do.


I wonder if Citric acid would work? Never tried it, but the thing that all of these things have in common is:

They’re acids

They’re designed to break through the thin crust of calcium+lime rock that formed and is holding the stains there.

Vinegar, CLR, muriatic acid… they all serve the same purpose.

Citric Acid (“orange cleaner”) might work, although I don’t know if it’s strong enough of an acid.

I”m trying to think of other acids as well. Lemon juice… hm… I guess there’s not a lot out there tongue emoticon

Magic eraser is formic acid – so that’s why that works.

eh, my household chemistry-brain ran dry. dang. I’m sure there’s others.

here we are. List of all major acids. Now that I’m looking at it, next time I have a bad hard water stain, I might try rubbing a lemon on it and see what that does.

Acetic, Alum, Arsenious, Benzoic, Boric, Carbonic, Citric, Formic, Hydrochloric, Hydrocyanic, Hydrogen sulfide, Lactic, Lemon Juice, Malic Nitric, Orthophosphoric ,Oxalic, Salicylic,Stomach Acid Succinic, Sulfuric, Sulfurous, Tartaric, Trichloracetic, Vinegar


Oh! You can try Barkeeper’s friend: that’s old fashioned. It’s Oxalic Acid: that gets rid of rust stains like magic. I’ve used it on rust coming off of old appliances that hit the floor: took it right off. I really just made a paste, let it sit there for a few moments and wiped it off.


I get nerdy about a lot of topics but I *love* when someone has gone way deeper than me smile emoticon And now, you have “magically erased” that wrong turn I took at magic eraser, formaldehyde and allergens. When I hear “non-toxic” my skeptical ears go up and I ask “non-toxic for whom?”, because a lot of labels are misleading. But this one isn’t smile emoticon



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