Made it perfectly ok to run kids through the meat-grinder.

Most of mine I got through observation as a kid, reaching full maturity as a young teenager – I think I was taking a first aid test after some training. There was nothing confusing about it. Straight forward. No trick questions. “Can’t be this easy” I remember thinking. “Where’s the trick?” and that’s when it clicked in that THIS was the right way to give tests.

Thing is, I’m good at tests. Always did really well at them. I learned how they go at a young age and worked around their little mazes.

But I felt bad. I felt back for the more normal people. I knew I wasn’t normal – normal for me of course but I felt bad for those who sweated, struggled, crammed for tests – and the whole thing was ridiculous to me.

That’s probably why I picked up Unschooling, “Why johnny can’t read”, Summerhill and books like that in the Roselle Park library, probably in the 8tth grade, just before vail-deane…. I never knew what inspired me to pick up those books, but I remember being so annoyed for friends that went crazy over test-days.

Such an eye opener to see I wasn’t the only one that thought it was ridiculous.

I only learned about the “grit” angle recently. I suspected it but it’s when I saw a book that was very influential a few years ago (I have the title somewhere) among teachers that I saw what the newer issue is: it justified the confusion. Justified the process. Made it perfectly ok to run kids through the meat-grinder.

They already did it – back when we went to school.

But this book made it ok. I didn’t read it so my knowledge is limited to the positive reviews it got from teachers and educators… but I can see its influence in the way that common core implementation took place. In theory common core is good: Standards. But the implemention is horrible.

Thankfully, Obama cancelled the “No child left behind” thing from Bush, which Common Core was riding on… so now states are going to regain tremendous control now.

No longer is teacher pay going to be tied to student performance.

So, I expect better thing coming Fingers crossed.

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