Lua, Hadoop, Haskall and the landscape of programming languages in 2015

Cool. You’re welcome. Yeah, Lua is a popular scripting language. it’s used for modifying video games, especially those with immersive reality components, so its very popular.

Also of note are Python and Ruby, PHP and that other one beginning with P. [I feel stupid not remembering its name.. I actually know it and use it sometimes… oh well]

One possible option is look in the “Help Wanted”‘s online for the the programmers that companies are most in need of.

That, to me, means that those who know it, are hired and there are more jobs than people to fill them with.

That can give a practical direction to go in based upon societal needs.

There are also some more esoteric languages – functional languages I think they’re called? Haskell is one of them.

You also have real-time programming languages such as are used for robotics and landing planes. Those fascinate me because they deal with the nature of Time itself because the precision required could kill someone if done incorrectly.

Python is probably #1 in popularity for people to learn right now.. Kids are trying to learn it on their own… and unfortunately has crappy educational materials online.

If he’s looking to get started from scratch, there’s always – this is the stuff that elementary school kids are using to learn block style programming, which is getting more popular. Drag and drop, click into place. it’s finding its way into the major languages as well.

Of course you have C++ which is a classic. And JAVA is awesome because it’s easily deployable across platforms.

But they change frequently. I learned BASIC and Pascal. Where do you find that now? Where’d the LINE NUMBERS GO!? I liked line numbers.

I also liked GOTO. Most languages HATE Goto because it was ineligent and new languages were developed absent of it. I miss it.

There are also langauges that aren’t strictly langauges such as SQL. Really good to know – it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

If he goes into database stuff, there’s Hadoop and some of the strange “Big Data” stuff coming from… err.. what’s that company… Apache I think. Brain fart – can’t remember.

It’s a marvelous landscape honestly.

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