Love. Is it worth the time?

“Love.  Is it worth the time?”
It’s a commitment. For me, it felt almost like a mental illness. World turned upside down, everything surrounding the other or the relationship… a kind of intensity that really was a bit too much for me. So much topsy-turvy. Is it worth going through? I dunno.

There’s lots of things I’ve never done and I will never do and will never fully understand because I never experienced.

This one I have. Don’t know how many times. Would it have been better if i hadn’t? No idea. Would I recommend it to others? No idea. Everybody needs a chance to stumble through life as best they can in whatever way they do. Not for me to say for others really.

Hang on, I do have an answer.
It makes you humble because you aren’t in control of the rational/emotional process.

For that reason alone, it’s worth it.


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