Lost, wandering in the dark, dark woods.

That was very surreal.  I sit on the back porch.  There was some party here, about 35 ppl today.  I mostly avoided it ’cause it wasn’t my party :P

Anyway… it’s quiet.  Dark. Almost everybody else is asleep.

I hear a child’s sob coming from far away.  Then it was quiet.

Then I heard it again.

I look out, and coming out of our dark barn about 100 feet away in the dark, dark woods, is my 3 yr old niece.  She had somehow wandered out looking for her mom (who was probably sleeping in a different room because we have company staying over).

I’ve seen a lot of strange things come out of the nearly pitch black woods at 2am but never a 3 yr old girl.

Anyway, I helped her inside, talked to her as we walked and she found her mother.

Poor kid.  It’s the kind of stuff that can give nightmares for years to come and even as an adult, there will probably be a lingering “lost, wandering in the dark” feeling and she’ll probably never know where it came from.

But I will remember.  I was here.

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