lost data – the need for paper – the wayback machine and brain backup

Yeah, I’m concerned about lost data; much has already been lost to the future. I’m grateful to projects like the Wayback Machine, although I honestly hope MANY TREES are being eaten up by _somebody out there_ printing out *hard copies* of knowledge that will be lost given some

I did a similar thing once. I was helping someone who was being a u d i t e d and they wanted financial records. So, I gave them what they wanted, when they wanted it and how they *asked* for it


not how they expected it.

One check check copy per page. Not a nice easy bank statement.

Legible, but smaller than normal. (I did a reduction on size; actually I thought it looked rather nicer and crisper that way)

It was only about 200 pages or so – there weren’t that many checks as the time frame was not that large.

I made sure everything checked out. All 100% honest, truthful, postmarked properly, not a single thing out of place.

But they got 200 pages rather than 14 pages.

Well worth the postage. And, it was successful. They left him alone after that. If it happened to me, I might consider something similar. I know they’re just doing their job and I don’t begrudge them doing their job. It’s just paperwork, accounting, whatever. But if you’re going to make _me_ do extra unnecessary work… well… you might have to do a little extra yourself Anyway, I did them a favor. Gave them something to do. Gave them a laugh I’m sure. Maybe.

Concur about the “everything goes to paper” thing. I really have to work on that. I started collecting a lot of my online writings to http://icopiedyou.com – called such because it’s just a public holding pen for writings of mine nobody cares about that nobody will see, that Google will think is spam because it’s copies but I’ll at least have a spot to go to. [and it was already public, so what’s the difference if I put it together]?

Anyway, I’ve got a long way to go. I just put my own words on there, nobody else’s. Only have 14,000 posts on there… I’ve made much more than that… and THEN there’s the scanning I have to do. It only goes back to 1992.

Oh! Good news: http://web.archive.org/…/2014122…/http://icopiedyou.com/ – the Wayback machine *did* take a snapshot. So in theory, a backed up copy of a part of my brain with some better security is out there.

Still, I gotta fill it up more… and get the stuff printed out too. Doubt I’ll ever be able to organize it into a book, but since everybody quotes writers out of context anyway, I might as well quote myself out of context.

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