looks like Rich Dad / Poor Dad exercises

what scares me about making money?

screwing up taxes

depending on it, then losing it.

rich people are idiots

i wish the world had no money and we could just live happily without it.

people with money are snobs, and snobs are bad.


money is good as a goal all to itself.

wealth is easy

money is worry free.

money problems take care of themselves.

what you want, you already have.


i’d start learning universities to teach people of all ages the truth of things
as I know it.

I’d host workshops on discovering what truth works for you and for your way of thinking.

I’d learn to be a confident speaker and lose my fear of people.

I’d stand alone and confident and proud to be who I am.

i’d have places to stay all around the world and could travel to them at will.

everybody i know would have a home or several homes of their own to do with as they please.

=== get a talisman

spiritual laws that govern wealth.

liars accuse others of lying
cheaters accuse others of cheating.
if you think rich people don’t deserve their wealth, then you
are saying that YOU don’t deserve your wealth! drop that way of thinking.

The universe helps me
Desire is good
Happiness for the wealth of others
I deserve it all

The univers is just blah blah blah
Desire as bad
Envy at wealth of others
I’m not worthy



Forgive your parents
Forgive your siblings
Forgive your family
Forgive friends who let you down
Forgive neighbors
Forgive people you come in contact with daily.

I forgive you _____ for anything you’ve done to me in the past, anything you may be doing to me in the present, and whatever you may do to mie in the future.  I forgive you now completely.

Please, ___, forgive me for anything I may have done in the past. am doing in the present, or will do in the future.  Please forgive me now.

I now forgive myself completely for ____.

NOTE: Forgiveness does not absolve you from responsibility of wrongs you have committed. Always be responsible and held responsible for any wrongs you may have done.  Forgiveness is a separate act.

I have not yet committed to being a rich idiot. That’s why I’m not one yet.

Rich or Poor, what you’ve got is what you want

Whatever you are experiencing now – broke and stressed – what’s what you’re committed to.  Copmmitted!

Example: I’m committed to smoking cigarettes, because that’s what you’re doing.

Change the commitment and change the result

I commit to filling my life with wealth.

I commitment to filing my life with happiness.
I commit to being bold.
I commit to taking positive actions
I commit to a new result.

The more you get, the more you can give.

GET first, then GIVE

Take help when its offered, and don’t look back.

It’s your DUTY to get more money, so that you can GIVE more money.

Everytime you write a check for a bill, write a “thank you!” on it.
Electric bill, phone bill, etc.

If you need something, ask.
Ask for help
Ask for advice
Ask for money.

Ask for what you want, not for what you don’t want.

Please make Affordable Trapping a successful, manageable, highly profitmaking business which makes more than enough money to support this house, and does completely ssupport this house, plus Mike’s truck, Dawn’s lifestyle, and all of the bills get paid on time, always, with plenty of money left over for savings and entertainment.


Tomato farms: Ask the heads of the tomato farms for the trapping business.

1) Give a smile.
2) Give Thanks
3) Give a hand
4) Give a hug
5) Give an hour


1) Write down five ways you’re going to receive wealth

a) I will receive wealth from customers for Affordable Trapping and NeighborHelp Referrals, plus future business ventures.
b) I will receive wealth from ads on free.naplesplus.us
c) I will receive wealth from people in the house
d) People will give me money for my talents and advice
e) I will work on my stock portfolio and make lots of money

2) Write down five ways you’re going to give wealth

I will share what I have with who is around me
I will donate to causes I believe in
I will help make other people rich
I will help the companies who support my lifestyle (utilities, etc)
I will know how to give when I have the abundant wealth to give.

3) Write down five things you’re grateful for

I can breathe
I have a bed to sleep in
I have savings in the bank
I have investments working for me
I have loving people who surround me.

4) Write down three people you forgive
Linda, MaryEllen, MaryAnn, Mom, Debbie, Mike

I receive the abundance of the Universe with thanks. I give generously to others.

1)Write a wealth check

2)rich idiot mission statement

a) I want to be known and remembered for:

b) I am really good at and passionate about:

and that will be the key to unlocking the Rich Idiot vault

c) I commit myself to doing at least three things

every day in pursuit of my one goal.

3) pick activities to do each day


To be rich tomorrow, you must live rich today.

Don’t play the waiting game.

Rich idiots don’t wait for wealth they DON’T have – they live the wealth they DO have.

“fake it” in the present. Pretend the future has arrived. Fake it until you make it.
“act as if”

don’t do it alone

other people’s: experience (mentors), Ideas, Time, Money

You need:    Hire a:
Sales        Salesperson
filing        File clerk
brochure    writer and graphic artist
website        web developer
bills paid    bookkeeper
orders taken    order taker
errands run    personal assistant
housework    cleaner
dinner        order takeout
clothes        personal shopper

first, you need a terrific idea for a way to make money for yourself, and you have to get really excited about it.
You have to believe with every fiber of your being that this idea will make you incredibly wealthy. Got that? Good.

Next, you have to write down exactly how that idea is going to make you rich. By writing it down you make it real. This is your plan for monetizing your idea. Write down how much it will cost to get started. How much it will cost to build it up for the first three months, six months, a year. Write down how much money your idea can bring in and when. That’s it. Now you are ready for OPM.

[branch off naplesplus to a money makiHng enterprise]


Have a well thought out business plan.

Visit banks and ask for advice.
Put on your rich idiot outfit and go to local bank manager.

“Mr bank manager, I know how busy you are, but I was wondering if I could have a few minutes of your time. I don’t want any money, but I’d welcome your advice”.  People can’t resist giving advice.

But don’t take the first offer. Go to a rival bank, mention that the other bank offered to fund your project, and say “I’m not sure if I should accept it”…

THEN go back to the first bank.  “I really need your help.  Bank across the street offered me xxx terms to fund this project.  Here’s the offer – what I should I do?”

OPM kit:

1) A great money making idea
2) A written plan that you’ve checked over and over
3) A rich idiot outfit so you look successful
4) A carefully rehearsed script, so you don’t miss any points but still sounds natural.
5) A list of lots of sources for OPM.


dream team:

1) Use referrals

Following rich idiots can be extremely helpful. They’ve already found the
best lawyer,
the best accountant,
the best tax person,
the best sources for everything you need for wealth.  Ask for and use their referrals.

2) Don’t be cheap

Make sure they’re the best of the best

3) Make sure your advisers are experts.

Even with referrals you still have to do your own homework. Maks sure they’re the expert in their field.

4) Use an association.
BNI – Business Network International.

An assett:
A resource having economic value that an individual, corporation or country owns or controls with the expectation that it will provide future benefit.

1) they have value
2) you own or control them
3) they provide you with future benefit (aka money)

Obligation, responsibility or debt
something that holds one back
a handicap

BUY ASSETS FIRST – they bring you money
BUY LIABILITIES 2ND – they cost you money


rubs buy: cars, furniture, clothes, trips
rich idiots: CASH, REAL ESTATE, stock portfolio, businesses

low income real estate
low income furniture stores

prepaidlegal – commissions

the only dollars that count are AFTER tax dollars

1) make a list of any assets you already have
2) write down what assets you’re going to acquire next
3) make an appointment today with a good financial planner, insurance broker and attourney.

damn, that was easy.

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