Looks like Naples Florida *probably* won't

^Looks like Naples Florida *probably* won't get directly hit – but we'll get Tropical Winds (which make a big MESS) – and a lot of us Floridans and those on the path will have a VERY windy time soon.

Here's your hurricane/geography lesson of the day…. 🙂 Green stuff is "code of uncertainty" for the hurricane itself – how likely is it to hit. But that follows the EYE of the hurricane, which isn't that big. The Hexagon shows the size of Tropical Winds, which are not as devastating but still nasty – and affects a WHOLE lotta people who are, right now, getting loose items picked up around their yards and stuff. And those darned RAIN BANDS are the oddest thing to experience (next to a hurricane itself)

We might get power outages and stuff – and … no… facebook… :'-( but hopefully ..'' this too, shall pass '' -^

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