Look at how they responded to Colin Kaepernick. That’s all you need to know.

Look at how they responded to Colin Kaepernick. That’s all you need to know.

I’m usually lumped into the white liberal category. I don’t know what that category is to be honest. But I do know that anybody who says “peaceful is better” didn’t listen to Colin at all.

Did you see the god-awful response by Minn. Gov? I felt like I was in 1980s New Jersey.

THEN the followup guy said, “And as Martin Luther King said.,..” _click_ – I stopped watching. That was just an hour or so ago.

My wake-up was September 22, 2016. Guy named Shannon Sharpe gave a passionate talk that made me sit up and start to see things a bit differently.
Posted on September 22, 2016 by Kenneth Udut

I saw Shannon Sharpe’s passionate talk a few weeks ago and it was at that moment, that I *really* saw it. I could really see it. Before, I vaguely supported Kaepernick just on basic free speech grounds.

But whether I agree or disagree (and I do agree), it’s not my call to say, “You should protest like this. You should protest like this. This is appropriate protesting, This is inappropriate protesting.” *It’s not my call*.

This was the hardest thing for me to fully digest. I’m a white male. I’m used to saying, “And this is how things are and how things should be and race doesn’t matter can’t we all get along (insert MLK Jr. quote)”, ENTIRELY BLIND to my participation in the process by refusing to acknowledge that, yes, race *does* matter.

Being white, I’m lucky. I don’t *have to* think about race most of the time. This is part of white privilege. I can go about my life never having to concern myself with injustice.

But if I chose to concern myself with it, it’s not now suddenly my job to say, “Ok, I’m here – white guy’s here: Now listen up guys: here’s the plan”.

Nobody asked me. I chose to raise awareness when I can but that’s my choice. I have the luxury of also choosing *not to* raise awareness.


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