“Lol!!! Quick, to the UN! You have so much to do!” – DMMS to KU

Lol!!! Quick, to the UN! You have so much to do!” -DMMS

My rules are simple: You can head any department you like. Form your own committees. Do whatever work you feel is necessary for improvement of the species and the planet. You don’t have to report to me if you don’t want to. In fact, you don’t have to report at all. In short, nothing changes from how things are done today. 

“I don’t know, are you sure it will work? No money in it.

Money? You do your own fund-raising. The collective government budget encompasses the entire planet.

Oh you don’t have to change a thing  just keep doing what you do, whatever makes the money for you. As a part of the government of this planet, you are entitled to be as transparent or proprietary as you wish.

Everybody you work for, works for you and as long as they keep doing their jobs, you’ll be fine.

Oh no, you’re entirely responsible for the success or failure of your missions. You don’t get fired, rather you chose to disband the company and they reformed without you, which frees you to pursue the next mission of your choice.


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