lol of course. Most Western Muslims are equivalent to most Western Roman Catholics

My mom was married to an Egyptian from 1984-1986 in New Jersey but outside of dietary stuff, praying 5x a day like a good Catholic… Muslim, whatever, and me not putting my feet up, I think he was already Americanized.

Somewhere in the last few years, Egypt went more fundy but that’s been trendy everywhere. [he’s probably still a machinist in New Jersey somewhere… although he was trained to be a lawyer cause they got career training + jobs by lottery…. strange system]


Family roots go back to 1500s USA / plymouth rock / founding New Haven CT and Elizabeth NJ… fair trades with Indians… boring English/scottish/irish/german before that… just plain ol’ white.


lol of course. Most Western Muslims are equivalent to most Western Roman Catholics or Western Jewish. They do their duty. Go to church or mosque or temple but otherwise, just like everybody else.


Oh of course it is. The Middle East was very progressive up through the late 1980s or so.

Even today, when you get away from fighting areas, people just want normal lives. It’s only occupied areas that have a problem or whose political leadership is more hard-right.

Example in the USA: We have Trump. From an overseas perspective, it might seem that the USA has gone full right fundy everywhere.

But what you see in the politicians and in the laws is different from most of the people who just want to go to school, have jobs, have kids, don’t want their religious practices to be too much of a bother, fall in love, get online, watch TV, whatever.


Some countries don’t make much sense to me. I don’t understand Saudi Arabia except that big money makes people weird.

I think of Iran as a pretty normal people. Pakistan, same. Egypt, same. Saudi Arabia makes as much sense to me as Orange County California which also doesn’t make sense to me.


I don’t think the core of Islam will change just like the core of Christendom will change. What does and has always changed in each though are certain practices through time, traditions that once made sense but no longer do. Peoples change as time does. But the core of what makes a people great, whether it’s Islam or Christendom or Secularism (humanism) doesn’t change. There’s something excellent deep in the world’s belief systems… but being of a old school humanistic mindset, I would think that wouldn’t I?


Their law enforcement sucks. But I’ve head great things about Lahore. Had friends come and go from there through the years. I think of the terrorist breeding areas as equivalent to the nutjobs in the USA who stockpile weapons for the “upcoming breakup of the USA”, the difference being the Americans waiting for the US breakup havent activated yet (thankfully=


Theres a few spots in the USA where future American-made white christian protestant terrorists will come from. No idea who their enemies will be.


In that sense, and only this sense really, I can be a little glad to see Trump + co in power right now in the USA. They’re hitting all the normal political roadblocks. The system is working just as it should. [the US has a great system of checks and balances]

But meanwhile, its satiating some extremists who were getting restless in the USA. They believe they’ve got their man in charge and maybe some of them will relax a little and assume that the Feds will take care of whoever it is that they feel is their enemies.


I’m an American my whole life. Family goes back hundreds of years here. Sadly, America loves war. America is going to be at war with somebody. We’ll keep spending millions on war, continue increasing debts, and continue increasing scenarios that continue wars because its part of our economic stability. I don’t like it either.



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