lol, it could mean so many things. It’s out of context – I love it! that makes it poetic.

Love what you did, not that I know what you did, ’cause I don’t – but it looks like an awesome graph that means something. I have no idea what it means… a connected graph with outliers floating around?

Sets? Or maybe it’s the importance of sticking together as a show of power against enemies? A war thing? Umm… maybe it’s the spread of disease – the red being the disease and how an epidemic happens?

lol, it could mean so many things. It’s out of context – I love it! that makes it poetic.  – thanks Maxx Davis 🙂


hahaha- perfect – “random graph” – there’s so many patterns in randomness. The graph is telling me dozens of possible stories that it’s trying to tell. That’s why I love random: it’s up to us to make up a story and get ppl to believe that we know what we’re talking about tongue emoticon


“LOOK I FOUND A PATTERN IN THE RANDOMNESS! and this means we need to change the way we think about the Universe FOREVER!” …… #Science – of course some of it is pretty useful tongue emoticon


My latest project is testing the limits of Youtube and mp4 by shrinking videos down to sizes like 40×30 pixels. I did get a movie into 24×16 and it displays on my phone but not on my computer tongue emoticon


I can’t wait until we can bounce individual photons off of tiny square molecules (like a cube of carbon nanofiber) – but have the carbon nanofiber with something in the middle of the cube that can change the wavelength of the photon as it bounces back so that it can represent any color.

Then we’ll have better-than-reality displays.


[just some idea I thought up: I can picture how it would work… I can’t be the only one though: I’m sure ppl smarter than me must’ve thought about it… see you inspired _me_ smile emoticon ]



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