Logic, Syllogism #logic

Logic, Syllogism #logic #syllogism

I was going to try to learn about logic. Then I realized something: I don’t have to. The only interesting part of this chart is #contradictory It is the part where everything #interconnects This is the fundemantal problem of logic and any system that divides up human knowledge: You have to be able to explain the part where they all come together – the #paradox or the #contradiction – otherwise, it’s all just nonsense.

Because: When you are at the point of indecision, you have to decide which way to go. If you are standing at the crossroads of any system of ”This is the right way to think” – no matter HOW sophisticated, if it can’t explain the crossover point and explain what is happening there, then, while it may be interesting, it’s incomplete.

Just saved me a lot of reading. :-D

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