llowing itself up on one s…

anti-dis-establish-ment-ar-ian-ism – love that word too. An adherent would be an antidisestablishmentarianist (same length too) – I never got into geology but I am fasctinated about how the planet came to be. I remember I was in a church camp where we were helping with Habitat for Humanity – I was like 13 yrs old – and I was bored, staring at a globe. All of the sudden I thought, “Wait a minute -… these pieces fit TOGETHER! They must’ve been together a long time ago!” – that was like in 1985. Told all the other kids and the adults there – they were like, “Woah – holy crap” ’cause they didn’t notice it either. I didn’t hear about Pangea until 1990 in college. It was awesome to see a whole school of thought on it yet I was mad they didn’t teach me that in school. The tectonic plates still blow my mind – the earth swallowing itself up on one s… “

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