living years fly like an eagle

we were only in publix for maybe 10 minutes. i heard the two songs:

living years
fly like an eagle

i posted this message.


we get in the car to leave. on our way towards the exit of the parking lot, the clutch snapped. (manual transmission). Mom glided the car into a spot. just so happened to snap at the far end of the parking lot where a tow truck driver could fit.

Right after i call, AAA, torrential rainfall. Lightning nearly on top of us. It stormed non stop and heavy for 1/2 hour.

Suddenly stopped as fast as it came. AAA came two minutes later- right on time. Despite Covid restrictions prohibiting, i asked if we could get in the cab together with him and it was ok.

Dropped at mechanic, who happened to be close (usually everything is far away). My brother came right on time to pick us up.

if that was the time the clutch cable was going to snap or hydraulic fluid to go or pressure to give out (we don’t know yet), it couldn’t have happened in a better place in a better way than it did, all things considered.

for each of these and more? gratitude. grateful for each of the things that went well in a situation that was likely to happen soon for whatever reason.

The two songs that caught my ear?

i’m glad for them too and your responses.

it had me in the right mental state for what was about to happen.

thinking / writing about panentheism in the past few days also had me in the right mental state.

the concurrence of factors is the kind of thing that inspired my gratitude.

i’m friends with a number of atheist and agnostic people along with skeptics as well as religious people and spiritual and people who don’t notice any of that stuff.

and i’m never quite religious enough for the religious but not atheist enough for the atheist – i’m in one of those vague spaces in that department.

But one area where it comes out is this kind of thing where i say “thank you”. it falls squarely in the superstition category for some, for others “someone’s keeping an eye on you up there”. But it’s more of a vagueness that i am comfortable with.

i don’t know who or what i say thank you too. its not the greek Fates as i’m not a predestination kind of guy. it’s vaguely similar to what i grew up learning yet it was vague then too, even with very precise theology during my Orthodox time.

i just know it matters to be thankful. not for any cosmic accounting system — i’d shudder to imagine trillions of abacuses (abaci in the sky) – but for flow.

glad for flow.



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