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well, the heaven was a 3rd thought. My niece’s husband passed away at 32 this year, and today was his birthday, so it was a somber day. As I realized that they will all be reading this (on Facebook, where I had originally posted the thought) I added a 3rd thought regarding heaven. The scientific way i can see heaven as existing is the idea of Quantum Entanglement, that electrons can mirror each other perfectly, if having only been in contact one time and be far away from each other with no further communication. if electrons can mirror themselves, it is theoretically possible that the separated electron (separated from the flow of the consciousness of the person who passed on) continues on elsewhere in the universe – then it is possible that the whole mind and its workings are mirrored elsewhere in the Universe — ie – heaven or at leat a consciousness that exists without a brain to contain it.

Or: think of brainwaves (same idea as the mirrored electrons, but waves are easier to ‘get’ then quantum oddities like “spooky action at a distance”) – Beethoven wrote his 9th symphony 150 years ago or so. think of “Ode to joy”. His brainwaves concocted the music, the feeling, the EXPERIENCE. Listeners who are “in tune” with the music, the performers, the listeners, letting the music take them away to “another place” – well that ‘other place” is Beethovans MIND – his consciousness – his soul even – use whatever term you wish. And for the time that music is performed, or replayed in someone’s mind – their brainwaves are the SAME as beethovans – meaning that he LIVES on. Perhaps as a ghostly imprint of a small portion of his consciousnes but nonetheless, he lives on. And if someone who ‘gets’ beethovan decides to write further music that he “might” have written – well, yes, it is within the consciousness of a person living ‘now’ – but it is beethovans brainwaves transferred through the music, completely mirrored (like the electrons above) in someone else’s brainwaves. It is a form of eternal life.

OR if you believe we live in a holographic universe – that we are all living stretched out in two dimension (but experiencing them as 3 dimensions) over the surface of the event horizon of a black hole — (see Leonard Suskind) – the thing about holograms is they are infinitely regressive – repeatable – a small chunk contains the same information as the whole thing… then our consciousness never dies as it exists somewhere, holographically encoded. it may be out of reach of us mere mortals but it would exist nonetheless.

Do I believe that there is a form of life after death? I honestly don’t know. But i try to see all sides of something, and I can see how it’s POSSIBLE. If someone asks me about heaven, I usually say, “if there is life after death, then i see it as bodiless – consciousness only — and the explanation of heaven vs hell would be this: Imagine you have an itch. You take your hand and scratch it. Now, imagine you have the itch in your mind but have no hands to scratch it with. That is hell.” Phantom liimbs made me think of that — ppl who lose a limb but who feel an itch in a foot that is no longer there, and cannot scratch it.
But this is a way for me to justify “why do I try to be at peace with myself and with the world?” I work very hard at it. Being understanding, forgiving, seeing other people’s points of view. I have to do it 900 times a day in the little things., like making course corrections in trying to send a rocket to the moon (without tiny course corrections, the rocket will miss the moon by a mile – just like we need course corrections daily in our life, in our choices, in our reactions to what happens to us).

If my mind is at peace, then if i am a disembodied consciousness, it won’t matter and I’ll be okay with it. That would be a form of heaven.

i also want to be buried – everybody I know wants to be cremated – cremation is common thing and I’m contrary — because DNA is destroyed by cremation but not by burial. So let’s say God, or the aliens that seeded our planet and bulit the pyramids, or some higher dimensional being comes down and says, “Okay, time to populate my next pet project”, scoops up the DNA around the planet that exists and recreates us – I’d like to be one of them.

Trying to cover my basis without obsessing over any of it. If I end up getting cremated, oh well. If life is but a flame that flickers and is blown out without even a whisp of smoke left behind, that’s fine too.

wow – thanks Brent – you got me yapping :-) I like working through those ideas.

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