List of BASIC games from 1984 with commentary. The future will think 2015 is backwards. just watch :P

From a file dated 10/7/1984.  I had a hooks-up-to-your-TV computer and a gaming system at that time, and wouldn’t see this until years later.  Here’s a selection of games you would’ve gotten from an electronic magazine subscription if you ordered Disk No 228.  Probably “PC Magazine”.  Yeah, the magazine was distributed on disks. Pre-Internet, pre-BBS.

Magazines.  Disks.  BASIC code.  The alternative was to type all the code in yourself from books you could get at the library.

Things have improved by a lot but, just like the future that hasn’t come yet, WE’RE “making do” with the technology we have today.

Someday, they’ll laugh at 2015 just as we laugh at this stuff now.

I actually think it’s kinda cool.  Nuclear War on your computer.  Nintendo hadn’t even come out yet. [I had Mattel Intellivision my mom got used from a garage sale for cheap, and a Tandy Color Computer 2 she just bought new.  My start of at home programming.  [the computers at school were Apple ][ which sucked. I liked the Mac when it came out but not the Apple ][.  I dunno why.  Competition I guess).
Disk No 228   GAMES                                v1
CRIBBAGE BAS  Game..Same rules as board game one player vs PC
PAC-GAL  EXE  Game..Eatem up dots
COLSLOT  BAS  One arm bandit in color  Its a winner (req color)
FIREFIRE BAS  Game..Reflexes on keyboard
MAZE  BAS  Produces mazes of any size for screen or printer
T-ROAD      BAS  A neat and interesting adventure game
SLOT  BAS  Same as you have but graphics are much better and in color
VAMPIRE  BAS  Adventure game.
NEWFONT  BAS  The program in pc. not sure if you want it but it saves time typing it out.
NUKE-SF  BAS  A well done nuclear war demo.

October 7, 1984.  Even to me, the idea that anything computer/programming related even existed then blows my mind even.  It shows me that THE FUTURE is going to be even more amazing than 2015.  I don’t see any reason why you won’t look back at 2015 someday and go, OMG WE WERE SO BACKWARDS THEN but it was still awesome.. .for the time, like I’m saying now.

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