LISP and EMACS – it’s a drug and I’m getting hooked.

This language, #LISP – in which I’ve only done a few exercises in a basic tutorial of so far, I’ve read is a #drug   – and already I agree.  I was dead tired and allowed myself as little sleep as possible in order to get back to it.  I’ve remapped my browser to #Emacs keys, which is confusing the hell out of me and I’m loving the confusion.  [how do I select the last sentence?  I can’t even remember the help key combination and I’m loving it – not that LISP = Emacs or Emacs = LISP .. but I’m starting to see the addictive power of it.

Is it dead?  Dead for what?  It’s fun.  Reading through a webpage by a passionate LISP guy, he made an interesting point – and here he was talking about Object-oriented programming – and in a few sentences, makes good points for/against it.  Object-oriented is good for getting a job.  Something like LISP is good for changing your brain.

I had a similar experience looking into Forth but I needed to move a little forward in time….and, ironically, backwards in time simultaneously.

Anyway, here’s the quote:

Object-oriented programming is popular in big companies, because it suits the way they write software. At big companies, software tends to be written by large (and frequently changing) teams of mediocre programmers. Object-oriented programming imposes a discipline on these programmers that prevents any one of them from doing too much damage. The price is that the resulting code is bloated with protocols and full of duplication. This is not too high a price for big companies, because their software is probably going to be bloated and full of duplication anyway.

yes yes yes yes yes!  I just remembered that Control-Y is YANK – which is equivalent to Paste – without looking it up!  Victory!  I learnd-ed something. – i pasted that WHOLE QUOTE IN and it felt like magic when it appeard.  #magic – that’s a feeling you should never lose with your computer.  If you lose the magic, you’re not challenging yourself enough.

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