line of thought? heh there ain’t no line. lines are fictional.


  • Oh, all lines are merely circles turned on their side. But circles are actually ellipses with an overlapping radii. Yet, as everything physically known has at least 3 dimensions (length, width, height), the ellipse is not an ellipse but a squished cylinder.

    Flatten the sides into a VERY tall rectangle, look at the edge from just the proper angle and… well, you have a line… with lots of hidden potential..
  • Kenneth Udut or something like that. Forget the cylinder and beyond, return at the line with the hidden potential part.
  • Kenneth Udut CJand for line of thought.. well, the line of thought that is mine is nothing complicated. It began when I was born and will continue to some point unknown to me. Somehow, like earbuds shoved carelessly into a pocket, the wires got knotted up like proteins folding in the body, and I’m unraveling the tangled up Christmas lights so I can move around in there a little better… not so much straighten it out into a line because, well, lines are fictional things to me. Knock down the walls of the maze and get from Start to End with a bulldozer, I suppose is my plan.


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