Lifetime Goals: 11/19/2003

Lifetime Goals




What are my lifetime goals?


My lifetime goals are:

working with new inventions and creations, trying to make people’s lives better.

having children, join a monastery,

make a difference that is positive in society and live to see the results,

write a book that is successful and popular,

Learn to be a better person,

get a better relationship with God,

join a community of people who are like-minded, or are people who ‘jive’ with me emotionally and mentally – our thinking processes would be similar so that I am not feeling so alone.

record music,

make beautiful music that is appreciated by people,


continue my informal education.

start up a school which has intensive courses in it that are three weeks in length that teach a variety of subjects.  live and breath.  Immersion school.  I think they will be wildly popular.  I just would need the teachers I suppose.


How would I like to spend the next five years?


I don’t know how I want to spend the next five years.

I want to spend time with family.

I want to get us working together as a fmaily.

I want to get my room organized.

I want to get a sense of purpose in my life that is greater than myself.

I want to start making money.

How do I want to start making money?

I don’t know.  I want to dress better.  I want to learn to take better care of myself.

I want to lose weight.

I want to lead a happy, structured life.

I want to get involved with a good community of people.


If I knew now that I would be struck by lightening in six months from today, how would I live until then?


Wow, tough question.

I’d get on a greyhound bus and travel through various cities.

i would start showing my true self and work for those people like myself who need help in feeling comforted and no longer alone.

Since i would be dying, it wouldn’t matter what people thought of me.  (ie – as of now, it *does* matter to me, I guess!)

I’d take everything I’ve ever written and compile it into a “this was my life” book, even if nobody read it, it wouldn’t matter.

I’d get my music listened to by somebody – by a group of people.

I’d start with a ferver a community of thinkers which met every week to discuss thinking and feeling items.  Trying to help each other out.

Some place where there would be no “other”, just “us”.
[from lifetimegoals.txt – retyped from a printout]


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