Life so far I’ve spent searching for meaning and being authentic to myself, whatever that is.

I like your blog post.  It was succinct and said it as you see it.

Life so far I’ve spent searching for meaning and being authentic to myself, whatever that is.

I guess I was raised kinda eclectic.  Went to the Methodist church in town ’cause it was the only protestant church there. All I knew is that I “wasn’t Catholic”.  Picked up a book called the “Inner Game of Tennis” (about Buddhism and Tennis) at a garage sale somewhere in middle school.  I also read Linda Goodman’s Star Signs in 7th grade and learned:

lucid dreaming
out of body experiences
vibrations of the universe
crystal power

and all sorts of stuff they call New Age usually.

My sister declared herself a Wiccan at the time (this was the mid 1980s)  She still considers herself one, so I guess she’s a lifer.

Anyway, Mom didn’t mind.  She just wanted us to be good people, whatever that was.  Seems like it worked.

High school, a teacher tried to get me into Baha’i (10th grade I think).  She probably shouldn’t have but I had a good time.  Explored Unitarian Universalist, Quaker, Islam, had a GREAT time with Vipassana Medication (just out of a book, no guru)… almost went Roman Catholic (I was gonna be a priest), then ended up going Eastern Orthodox for 5 years.  Convert-itis.
Then I was super-into Science.
And now?

Officially I declare myself a “true agnostic” : I REALLY don’t know either way.  But I believe in the “be more like Jesus and try not to be a jerk” that I grew up with as a kid in the Methodist church

Integrating all of it as best I can.   I don’t like to align myself with “Groups” – I’m not a joiner.

But I’ve invented a few religions along the way and I believe somebody who is authentic and ‘real’, generally nice but firm only when necessary, understands the absurdities in life and within the self… is going to do just fine in this life.

And the next?  That’s where the agnostic comes in.  I don’t know :)
Might be heaven, might be nothing, might be reincarnation, might get reborn in the center of a star and experience life under pressure, might get my own planet or pocket Universe.

It’s all good to me.  Thanks again for the article and best of luck on your journey. I’m enjoying the hell out of mine. :)

Hints: Brush up on history from multiple perspectives.  If one group says, “This was bad” – find another group that says, “This was good” and look at historican’s view of history as well, although all history is biased somewhat.

Sometimes let feeling lead you.  Sometimes let thinking hard about something lead you.  Sometimes just.. be.

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