Life as a Human: Kenneth Udut

If I had to summarize life as a human: We need food and drink. Protection against the outer weather. Protection against inner weather (body processes, physical, mental, wherever). Protection against social weather. The rest? Play. We just forget we’re playing and take it seriously. Serious play becomes all branches of human thought, philosophy, economics, mathematics, science, religion, and recreation, and building things and dreaming of the future and planning and making more people and then at some point, there’s a change where we no longer need food and drink and don’t seem to move anymore. What happens there? I dunno. It could be like the focal point of a lens, a personal singularity that we can only experience and our predictions can go in all sorts of interesting places. Some believe that information is never destroyed. Some believe it stops cold and lots of variations inbetween and entirely different.

I’m just glad to be here :D

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