Libertarian Market SOcialism? 2022 ?

ol ok, I’ve never laid my own on top of _this one_ in particular. Seems close enough.
I’ve taken the test exactly 4 times:
2014, 2018, 2020, 2022
Basically same area but some shifting.
This has me as this year as “Libertarian Market Socialism” which I’d never heard of but I looked it up and I’m like, “ok, yeah, that’s alright I guess”. But I suspect it’s similar for the others. I’ll check.

2022: libertarian market socialism
2020: Situationism my 2020 oh lord, no no, not french – although I like the absurdism side of it a bit but lol I guess they’d be my people _sigh_
2018 me as “Minarcho Socialist”?”

Oh! a minimalist socialist/communist state that’s kept as tiny as possible to maintain absolute basics? Yeah, I could see that.

2014 me is purest form:
I was untainted by politics as I’d not been interested in it for YEARS as a whole.
This is me a little more idealist I suspect. It was my first time taking the political compass and I was unexpected to the wild world of all this stuff.

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