Lib left vs lib right – terse table

Ah this is better I think. I asked two bots the same question (anthropic and Google PaLM) and then told each other the other’s answers, giving them more to work with.

Then I asked for a terse table which I think gets down to basics nicely.

I’ll put here in text.
Libertarian Left
Economics: Free markets, govt intervention for equality
Social views: Individual rights, may favor some social justice policies
Role of government: Limit interference, empower people
Potential authoritarian drift: Pursuit of equality could infringe rights
Example issue: May accept some abortion restrictions

Libertarian Right
Economics: Free markets, limit government intervention
Social views: Individual rights, typically conservative social views
Role of government: Limit size and scope, non-interventionist
Potential authoritarian drift: Defense of rights could disregard collective interests
Example issue: Could seek total abortion ban, infringing bodily autonomy

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