Letter I sent to Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary when I was thinking of becoming a priest / monk (I was into it)

Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary
Jordanville, NY 13361

December 24/11, 1998
Fathers, Bless!

Please send an application for admission to the seminary to the above

Also, I have three questions.

1) I am in the Carpatho-Rusyn diocese (under the Ecumenical Patriarcate), although I would like to move to the Synod. Would it be possible to transfer over to the Synod without much of a fuss?

2) I converted four years ago to Holy Orthodoxy, but in all of this time, I do not have a spiritual father. Will this pose a problem for considering admission when the time comes?

3) What would be needed for me to approach the possibility of becoming a novice at Holy Trinity Monastery? I do not wish to be a parish priest, unless God wills, and the monastic life has been knocking in the back of my conscience for these past 4+ years. Benefits of a seminary education at Holy Trinity would be undoubtedly unnumerable, but these things have been coming forth in my mind of their own accord:
a) The humbling of my arrogant American persona
b) Learning fluency in Russian
c) Learning theology from God-inspired teachers
d) Learning the make-up and design of the various services
e) Immersion into an environment of prayer and learning

These are things that would undoubtedly carry over well into a monastic life. I have an opportunity to live as a novice at Monastery of the Glorious Ascension, but to be honest, I would prefer to acquire a more Russian Orthodox phrenoma before being immersed into the monastic life.

Father, Bless! -sinful Kenneth

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