let’s you know that they know what you know that they shouldn’t know.

lol now THAT would be funny – there’s a name for that.. .I think it’s “hanging the hat” or something? I forget. But it’s where a line references something outside of the show/movie itself that the audience will know that let’s you know that they know what you know that they shouldn’t know.


I like areas where the “lean” on the 4th wall where you’re like, “Wait.. did they just? Yeah, I think that was meant for us”.

But nothing beats Ferris’s breaking of the 4th wall.

Did you know prior to their changes, XBox had a rule about NOT breaking the 4th wall for game developers.

Indie XBox developers had a list of rules to follow – I have a copy somewhere.. they were SO specific, although it was just a few.

Basically you could introduce no elements that could make the player feel separate from the character they were controlling… _especially_ not turning around and facing you.


I *know* I should watch it. I’ve gotten SO MANY RECOMMENDATIONS for it…. it’s definitely on my list of “to see”. I’ve ‘kinda’ avoided it because, at least in the past, friends that wanted me to see it REALLY REALLY wanted me to see it.. and that kinda turned me off a bit.

I never finished watching Dune for that reason either. Friends that were raving – and I get they wanted me to join them in their love of the movie – but that’s why I avoided it. I think I’ve seen snippets here and snippets there but never start-to-finish. There’s a bunch of movies on my list like that. Makes me weird I guess smile emoticon

What I do instead is try to get them to tell me about the movie. If they refuse and insist that I have to watch it to understand… then it’s on my “don’t watch yet” list smile emoticon



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