Less Obscure – Not Native Speaking

Less Obscure – Not Native Speaking

One thing that has helped me in learning Russian,
has been something I heard when I started:


The goal is not to talk like a native speaker.
If you get that way, then that is great!

But primarily, in learning your new language,
your purpose is to make the language less obscure.


And so, that's it.  It's not to memorize 1,000,000
words 7 times each for maximum vocabulary acquisition
using dual word lists :)  But rather, for Russian to be
less obscure to me than it was yesterday.

It is uncovering a veil of mystery - and it is
a journey more exciting than anything of Indiana Jones.

i think this is a necessary attitude to have when
learning a language - or teaching it.

Just random thoughts - thanks for listening :)

           Kenneth Udut

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