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Definitely truth to it at some level, although I’ve never waxed philosophically about it. Was interesting to hear it.

Here’s me at about 6.5/7 years old. Only had one superhero I related to; Banner/Hulk-as-tragic figure as shown in the TV show version.

Look at my feet size and leg muscles.
Contrast to my arm muscle size.

My legs were always well developed; muscular, fast and strong.

3rd, 4th and 5th grade at Robert Gordon Elementary School in Roselle Park New Jersey, I was the #1 at ALL the Dashes. Won them all in 3rd grade. Won them all in 4th grade. Won them all in 5th grade.

Name on a big poster in the gym in the biggest of letters.

The others in the race never existed to me. Any speed other than immediately reaching that finish line was already too slow. I vaguely recall breezing past others sprinting; I only heard the sound of myself breathing hard, heavy, hoarse as I ran, collapsing at the end, going to the nurse afterwards for water and to cool down for 20 minutes for what was a short sprint.

Those legs.

Yet, I could not do a pushup right. Back wouldn’t cooperate. (later realized it was probably due to upper back fused bone) but gym teacher would still berate me for poor form.

I couldn’t do more than a few pullups. Tried and tried, arms would simply give up after a certain number and that was that.

Long-distance running / marathon – always last place. I couldn’t pace.

I should have enamored the Flash. People even said so. But I was already fast; His character never did a thing for me. Remember nothing of him.

Instead it was the Hulk. Tapped into my academic side vs getting caught up in my emotions side and being reactive and aggressive on the other.

At 13 I purchased the whole Charles Atlas course from a Boys Life Magazine; worked out at home. Wanted to build upper body.

Started gym stuff as early as I could; 14 or 15 I think. 3rd place in a NJ state clean and jerk competition at 16 was my arm-victory for me; my mother had a fit because she didn’t give permission and I have a bad back and gym teacher secretly entered me, which explained the extra training he was giving me.

It used mostly leg muscles which was my strength, my back was supported by a belt and my arms were needed only minimally so long as I had proper form and I did. I put my physics interest to work there.

Not sure how any if any relates but his emphasis on legs struck me interesting. As my middle age legs aren’t as powerful – yes I could work out of course – was there a corresponding lowering of self-confidence slightly? Possibly. It’s food for thought.

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