Legs are sore but it is

^Legs are sore but it is a good sore. Max speed fast Sprinting sessions around the yard plus a very active swim session (instead of leisurely floating which i sometimes do) left me feeling like I did Leg Presses last night. Shows up on the scale immediately too – down six lbs from the beginning of the week and body fat % went down. And I had to move my belt a notch tighter. Plus I feel like I can lift up a car this morning. That's what's great about long sprints on uneven surfaces (hills, stairs): They don't just work out your cardio (ohh they do!) but they also work out your quads (best muscles to work out for time 'cause they get strong fast) and calves. Plus the side-to-side motion from bouncing off of hills and hopping on one foot works out your core – one of the hardest muscle groups to work out.^

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