Legalizing prostitution, pros and cons.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with prostitution being a legalized and regulated industry. I don’t care what people do sexually, how they make their money – well, I don’t like excessive profit, but I believe in a reasonable profit margin…
and th
ey’re providing a service.

One positive side of the criminalization of prostitution is it can compel a segment of the population to pursue education who otherwise might turn to prostitution as it’s easy money.

It’s easy money.

At the same time, it stimulates the economy.

Then again, the criminalization of prostitution ALSO stimulates the economy, providing jobs for those who enforce the law, the courts systems and such. The prostitutes that don’t get caught ALSO make a profit, stimulating the economy. In a sense, the current system might be _more_ of a win for society than decriminalization, which would reduce the need for law enforcement jobs (at least a few) and a lightening of the load the courts system, which might eliminate higher educated jobs in favor of no education jobs.

So, hard to say.

Personally? Doesn’t matter to me either way.


Wait: I’m wrong. The jobs lost due to decriminalization of prostitution will be REPLACED by _enforcers of standards_. It will create MORE JOBS for people to make sure that illegal stuff isn’t done. As a regulated industry, they’ll watch out for children being put into prostitution rings, families or husbands (or wives) – coercing their cihldren/spouses into prostitution for extra cash, etc.

…then again…

Regulation of industry is a bit of a joke.

Inspection jobs are usually the first to go in budget cuts, as you can schedule a single person to handle every complaint for an entire state. It happens in several industries that I’m aware of via experience.

So, legalization of prostitution will likely result in an increase of child prostitution, once the dust settles and it becomes commonplace, budget cuts reduce inspections of prostitution businesses and such.

So… no easy answer.

Plus, if nobody is complaining.. the enforcement of regulation goes _poof_.

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