; learning where I am (or might be) mistaken is the only way I really learn to sharpen my wits

My eyes are ready to read if you ever feel in the mood to nitpick over details; learning where I am (or might be) mistaken is the only way I really learn to sharpen my wits and allows me to be able to present more accurate arguments in the future – but I appreciate the placeholder for “not quite but good enough for government work”; that alone tells me I need to reread what I threw up on the screen more critically tomorrow.

And yes, I agree with you.  I mean, it serves a good function; smoke and mirrors and entertainment in general keeps a population content and allows them to focus on the worries that the powers that be believe they should be worried about.

Whether or not they REALLY should be worried about that stuff is another matter of course :P

Now the TPP?  Since I don’t follow the news [haven’t for about 2-3 years], except for when someone mentions it (like you just did), I wasn’t even aware of it until just now.  So, I looked it up.

[I try to keep informed friends and let them filter news for me.  If it’s important to them, it’s important for me to know about.  Otherwise, I just end up getting excited about things I can’t do much about except sign a petition or rant about].

After seeing it, no surprise.  Won’t be a whole lot of change for the USA as far as I can see, but for the other countries, and especially those not involved, the changes will be huge.  Multinational corporations getting even more “haves” pits them against those not involved in the system, the lowest level of entry appears to be having a patent or trademark of some kind.

Good for patent makers but it’s not consumer friendly.  But, as it’s been noticed already, the USA is an Oligarchy and has been for some time.  I just don’t like that mess being spread far and wide as well. Just yet more ways for it to suck to be at this end of the spectrum.  Oh well.  Hopefully people more dedicated to it will try to do something to curtail its excesses at least.  One can hope.

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