Learning to program, I think _does_ something good to the brain.

My first working game I wrote from scratch was a typing tutor. I WANTED to learn how to type better and faster and so I made a simple game of random letters and a timer that kept score of hits and misses that would go faster and faster.

I also wrote a companion program that would calculate characters per second and characters per minute. [I didn’t know about “words per minute” – I was trying for raw speed].

I’ve been typing at 110 WPM since 1990, so it must’ve helped smile emoticon

I think it’s really awesome that you had the experiences you had with the computer. I studied my BASIC book thoroughly, understanding everything I could do and even the “weird” stuff like Binary logic (which didn’t matter as much in BASIC), I forced myself to understand.

My next language was also Pascal: Turbo Pascal I think. I wrote a few thing in that as well in the early 1990s.

Smuggling that computer in was truly a wonderful gift. Learning to program, I think _does_ something good to the brain.


I hope so smile emoticon Maybe it just feeds ego. I always felt as if I could do _anything_ on a computer. I’m 43 yrs old now. I *still* think I can make a computer do anything I want – and I do it all of the time tongue emoticon So maybe it just made me cocky grin emoticon



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