Learning Foreign Language is an Adventure by Kenneth Udut

From a learner's POV... =20

Present language learning as truly an adventure!

It wakes up parts of the brain that might never otherwise
get used, and yes - this is a painful process!

But you are Indiana Jones - a Marco Polo of the
mind - here is an opportunity to open up a whole
other DIMENSION in life - things that previously
were unavailable - doors that were shut because
they were out of your experience, now start opening.

And, as time goes on, things start to 'click' - you
start to actually *think* in the target language.  Not
much at first - maybe a phrase here or there, or
even the equivilant to "I don't know... I don't know"
in the target language (this is happening to me),
but suddenly - counting numbers will start
becoming automatic - you watch a TV show or
movie in the target language, and even though
you don't understand eveyrthing, or even most of it -
it doesn't sound as much like a 'foreign language'

When you see something written in your target
language, it's not as obscure as it once was - it
starts to look familiar, like something that is
right on the tip of your brain... so close to=20

You are a child again - the world is
wonderous and scary and quite
mysterious! =20

The unknown looms ahead, but as the
searchlight of your mind starts shining
on new ways of thinking - the target language
is less and less opaque, and starts to
become a lot like transluscent glass -
the light is starting to shine through,
but the shapes are fuzzy...

and every once in a while...  the transluscent
glass becomes clear in parts, and you can
see, -clearly- what's on the other side -=20
and what's on the other side can see *you*,
and you're no longer just a fuzzy shape
to them!

Bit by bit, piece by piece...

You're on a mission, and you have landed
on an alien world - you have to take this
secret code and start to learn to decode,
and to encrypt in it - to use the code.
We know some things about this
mysterious alien code - and
comprehension *will* come!

Each new word learned, each new
concept to tickle the brain, opens up
windows and doors and new fresh
air strikes the brain!  It is exhilerating,
and refreshing!  There is a newness
to it!

Language learning is an adventure - it
is truly an adventure.

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