Learned more on the internet than 10000 hrs of school

I think what I’ve always loved about the Internet (been here since 1989) is the amazing access available, of information and misinformation alike.

It lacks the rigor and quality control available in academic learning and that is definitely a drawback of the flood of potential information.

Biases can be reinforced on the Internet, rather than conquered. Opinions pretending to be facts spread on a monumentally fast rate, destroying good knowledge in the process.

That being said, I couldn’t go back to a time before. I always enjoyed learning, although not as much the school environment, and the public library was my pre-Internet Internet in the 1980s.

Yet, even with all of the drawbacks, I prefer this. It’s up to each other to try to reinforce good knowledge against the tide of misinformation that flows and with that mindset, the Internet can be a strong companion to school and for many an alternative, if approached with a mindset that is curious and skeptical simultaneously.





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