learn everything through pokemon.

That’s awesome and I agree with you.  I had a similar experience with music. I took boring lessons. I mastered the pieces enough then would go and do my own thing, changing them around and stuff.

They tried to convince Mom to send me to Julliard when i was in 5th grade.  After a few months of special lessons to prepare for it, I said, “Please Mom, No.”  and she agreed.  I’m glad too.  It wasn’t the life for me.

I don’t have a problem with a few things being learned “by rote” – but if it’s gonna be rote, make it songs and music; singing and writing and drawing; make it interesting.  But if it were up to me, beyond some really basic basics in math + english and stuff, I’d let kids loose and encourage them to explore what interests them… and teach the math/english/science/whatever from WITHIN the areas that interest them.

If they’re obsessed with Pokemon… ok, then, help me design a Pokemon curriculum for other kids – and I’d make it the job of the student to help me design a class to teach younger students these concepts using THEIR obsession… ALL THE WHILE… I’d be sliding in all of the concepts they’d need for that year’s class.  And I’d continue like that.  If they got bored with Pokemon… use whatever the next obsession was.

Why?  Because kids get obsessed with things that are WAY more complicated then school subjects.  What makes school hard is that is uses old fashioned techniques, old fashioned language, old fashioned ‘stuff’.  It’s annoying :)  But I dunno – this is just one of 1000 ideas I have that would never fly.



You guys are awesome!  Yeah, I agree with you both.  To me, I’d let the INTERESTS of the students guide the curriculum.

If someone showed artistic tendencies young and they WANTED to pursue it, I’d spent 80% of the time on that, and 20% on other subjects just so they’re rounded.

If they get bored… and no longer interested in it and find something else interesting, then explore that 80% of the way, with 20% to “all the other stuff”… and I don’t see why reason why math/science/music couldn’t be incorporated easily into cartooning.  You could do what you love and maybe the other subjects would get put in the CONTEXT of cartooning, like, “here’s how a mathematician would see what you do”… and you’d get some practical stuff that could actually be useful perhaps – and perhaps not.. but at least it would be related to something real and important to you.

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