leaky-triangle – What is the nature of that “something inbetween”?

What is the nature of that “something inbetween”?
Easy. There are more “somethings” inbetween those “somethings”. Inbetween those somethings are more somethings within yet more somethings.
People like to find more and more somethings. It keeps us busy.

The Leaky Triangle: An accurate, common sense, non-mathematical way to understand the nature of Anything.
by Kenneth Udut

Nothing exists without somehow affecting something else.

This is such a basic idea that it is easy to forget.

Remember this and you can put this book down and read no more.
Separated by Space and Time? No.
We pretend we are alone. But we never are.
We have little friends.
We have little helpers all in and on our bodies and in our minds that want to stay alive too. These are bacteria. We are 90-99% Bacteria, 1-10% Human. We are unhealthy without them. We can die without them.

Stacking Cups and Stickiness or: How to Create Time and Space, Barrier and Nothings: It’s all about the Shape.
The First Engine
Points, Lines, Angles and Dimensions
The Leaky Triangle: The Cause of Everything That is Wrong About Us and the Universe.
The Leaky Triangle: How To Always Be Right About Everything and Never Be Wrong.
It’s all just a leaky triangle and we are forever patching up the holes.

The bullshit detector
what can you talk about nonstop?

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