Leaky Triangle – I knew I wasn’t done yet.

I was on a similar kick  about 1.5 yrs ago. “Leaky Triangle” I could analogize everything (eventually) to a triangle that leaks “something” [because to even see it requires photons ‘leaking’ out].

http://system-of-systems.com/ I got all excited. Registered a domain. Collected my notes. Went onto a science forum (and it’s what inspired me to join Philosophy forums actually).

Didn’t abandon it but I knew I hit a point where I saw I wasn’t “done” just yet.

The symbol I ended up with is: > . < – but with the points of the > and < overlapping and a dot in the middle.


I found “the gap” to be something I’m always pursuing. Covers both known and unknown unknowns. I don’t believe in unknowable unknowns.



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