Leaky Triangle by Kenneth Udut – explained better.

It’s a ridiculous thing that I believe, after spending a year and a half trying to figure out the most universal analogy I could. It was so ridiculous to try to explain it that I didn’t try beyond a few times.

Basically, it’s like this:
It seems that everything is permeable in some fashion. The most solid of solid and neutrinos can still go through it, ultimately.

Or more down to earth, electrons (ions really) are continually moving out of objects. If something sits still long enough and is in an environment, it’ll change in some way. Leak.

The environment leaks into the thing and the thing leaks into the environment

So, nothing is forever as it were.

matter and energy at the very basic, leak forces. That’s how we can measure them at all.

Spacetime expanding; it’s leaking too. it’s leaking itself and growing in some direction we can only perceive via redshift and such.

So, if we can measure something, it’s because it leaks something and we’re measuring that leak.

Why a triangle? It’s a simplest complete shape. Plus, if you blow up a triangle with a little more stuff inside, it becomes a circle. 3 is far easier to deal with than 3.14159265….

I also go with triangle because we can draw and conceptualize it more easily than a pyramid or sphere.

Plus it’s not perfect if it’s leaking. It might have one of the angles missing, or a whole side ripped out. Or just be made up of dotted lines.

So, yeah, there ya go. Ridiculousness itself. Is it really new? No, it’s more like a modification of that old concept of making everything out of Triangles except for one thing: They ain’t perfect. Because they’re not perfect, we can measure them. They’re not entirely enclosed and separate. If they weren’t leaking ‘something’ that we could see, they just wouldn’t be there as far as we were concerned.

So new? Probably not. Weird? Definitely. That’s why I keep it to myself

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