Lazytown and Peppa Pig

You wouldn’t forget it if you happened upon it on TV. The first time you see it it’s like, “wtf is this? Why do they have these mask looking faces? What’s with these two guys with mask looking faces doing pining after this 20-something year old woman with colored hair who is pretending to be a girl hanging around puppets?



Peppa Pig is at least logical. Badly animated oddly compelling cartoon where the voice actors phone in their parts over bad phone connections.


I used to wake up when LazyTown was on and it was the best thing on… because it was an odd hour with nothing on. I ended up watching a bunch of episodes and it made sense after one or two episodes. Loved the songs. There was no question they put a lot of effort into these but I remember being bothered that the villain was so… sooo. stereotypical. I though ‘what kid would believe a 1930s slapstick villain?” but then I realized the cheezy factor *was* part of the whole point of it. Plus it was very colorful.



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