Lawsuit: Longtime trainer at Eastern Montana high school groomed, sexually abused as many as 100 boys

The obsession of T levels is a symptom of body dysmorphic disorder.

That this is a systemic issue is illustrated by how easily this person positioned himself as a trusted authority, fooling boys, their parents, their coaches and teachers and school administrators in order to gain a _28 YEAR LONG_ pipeline to feed his whims easily.

“According to the suit and Gazette interviews with several of the victims, Jensen developed an elaborate scheme he called “The Program.” It was a system he promised would enhance the athletic performance of the boys, some as young as age 14, by boosting their strength, fitness and testosterone levels.”

“Jensen targeted young athletes who because of their small size or lack of natural ability were underperforming, the suit alleges. During the 1980s and ’90s, in the era of steroids and cheating scandals nationally, Jensen promised the boys a natural method for enhancing athletic performance by increasing their testosterone levels, strength and fitness.

The program and its pioneering methods promised such amazing results that the public and other schools would presume it was cheating, Jensen told the victims, so they would have to keep it a secret. He told some of the boys he was compiling data from his program that would eventually be published and marketed and that the boys may be able to share in the royalties, another reason to keep it quiet.”
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